yokels. I retrieved my backpack in something of a daze, listening to the accents around me when I was jolted back to reality. "Help y'all with that?" The sexy drawl, the wildly overplayed accent, it beeg tube could only be one person, the only person whose .beeg voice ever made all the hairs on the back www.beeg.com of my neck stand up. "Alex!" I squawked spinning around to face him and grabbing him in a fierce hug. I had missed him so much in the short space we'd been apart. "God I missed you, Ry." He said to my neck, echoing my thoughts. "Wanna ease up a little though? I can hardly breathe." "Not as much as I missed you." I replied. "I'll fight you for it." He said with a laugh, a laugh that once again I felt far more than I heard. "Nah, you'd win, you big ape." "Well, buddy, you just blew your ride!" He said, releasing me with a rueful shake of his head. "I can pay you for it." I shot back, dopey grin plastered on my face, just so happy to see him again. "In kind?" He asked, cocking an eyebrow as he shouldered my pack. "Why, Mr Hayes! I'm shocked, what kind of girl do you take me for?" I demanded in what I thought beeg hairy was a pretty fair impersonation of Scarlett O'Hara. "Jeez, Ryan, don't, beeg xx that was painful." "What?" xxx beeg I asked aggrieved. "C'mon, Yankee, let's git outta here." Was his reply, in a far more convincing accent than mine. "Was that meant to be Yosemite Sam?" I asked, mockingly, loving that we had slipped so comfortably back into our usual banter. "Don't make me hurt you, rabbit." He grinned and shoved me in the direction of the exit. I cracked up. As ever, it took him about a month beegxx to find his in the lot but eventually we piled into the front seats and beegxx just kinda sat grinning foolishly at one another. "Hello." I said. "Hello." He replied, reaching for my beeg jepang hand and pulling me toward porno beeg him. "God, I so wanted to beegporn do this as soon as I saw you." And, so saying, he kissed me, long begg and tube beeg slow - and it was wonderful, it was a homecoming. It felt so good, I wanted it never to end, to be back in his sure strong embrace and to feel him so close to me again made the separation almost worth it for the feeling of the reunion. Almost. "Hello." I free porn beeg murmured again, as we parted, my hand resting on his arm. "Hello." He smiled that sad little smile beeg lesbian of his that always makes me want to take b eeg him home and look indian beeg after him. "Hello." beeg.com "You've said that already." His smile beeg porn videos broadened. "So have you." "Fair point." We kissed again. "I'm so happy to see you, Ry." "Of course you are." Once again my knee-jerk flippancy when I beeg sexxx should have been trying to express my deep emotions to the single most important beeg massage beeg x person in my life. "Who'd believe that big head'd fit in such a small car?" Came the wry response, followed https //beeg.com by a wink and another grin as I opened my mouth to apologize. "It's why you love me." I answered with a blush. "Part of it." Alex's tendency to suddenly reply seriously to my quips had always been able to throw me. The mercurial way his beeg mood could apparently flip-flop like beeg com that made him unpredictable, something I'd never really liked in anyone before him. "So, lovely though this parking space is, shouldn't we make beeg porn videos a move?" I asked, as a way of changing the subject. "Yeah, I guess." "You guess?" b eeg Not the enthusiasm I had expected. "Well, I know I want to meet the porno beeg people beeg xx responsible for producing you!" "They can't wait to meet beeg anal you either." He chewed on his lower beeg/ lip and looked away, a nervous habit I'd learned to recognize as meaning there was something on his mind that he didn't want to tell me. "What's up, handsome?" I asked, touching his chin and raising his eyes to beeg.c mine again. "Um..." "Alex...?" "Um..." "Ok, no more beeg 'ums', out mom beeg with it, what's the problem?" "Ry, the, um, the talk I https //beeg.com was gonna have with my folks?" He paused and I nodded as realization of where this was going washed beeg. over me. He looked at me sidelong and the next sentence came in beeg tubes a beegcom rush. "Well, беег I kinda didn't get around to it." "Uhuh. Which part? The anal beeg coming out or the commitment?" I tried very hard to beeg mature keep my voice calm, level and reasonable. "Um, sorta all of it." He had the decency to not be able to meet my gaze. "Just slipped your mind?" I was being unfair, and I beeg 4k knew .beeg it, it's not easy coming out to your parents, God knows, and coming out at the same time as inviting your boyfriend to stay with them must be harder still. I wanted to be supportive and understanding, but I didn't want to be there as 'a friend from school', I beeg video wanted to be there as beeg . the man he loved. Everything he'd told www.beeg com me about his parents suggested they'd be okay mom beeg with it, maybe not thrilled, but they weren't going to disown him. Now I knew what he'd been hiding in our phone conversations. "Don't be like that Ry!" There was a definite note of pleading in his voice. www.beeg.com "I meant to tell them, I want to tell beeg mom them, but I just didn't know how to start, especially over Christmas." beeg indian "I'm not being like anything, I'm just a little disappointed." "I know, I'm a coward, ok?" He turned away from me and rested his head on the wheel. "No, I'm not disappointed about that, and I think we both know you're no coward." I drew a breath. "I'm disappointed that you sprung this beeg black on me instead of telling me before I flew down." "I thought beeeg you'd be mad." He hesitated. "That you might beag.com not come." His voice came out very nearly as a whisper and I detected beeg-com the constriction in his tone that spoke of tears beeq.com only barely beeg lesbian beeg teen being beeg.coom fought back. "You're insane!" I burst out in gales of laughter, not the response he expected free beeg at all. "You think beegcom I'd leave the country without seeing you again? You really are mad." "No. I..." He trailed off with a helpless shrug and a look begg of bafflement. "Alex, I'm only disappointed that you didn't tell me about it. If you're not ready to tell them, you're not ready to tell them. End of discussion, I'd never force you to, I would never force beegcom you to do anything, least of all something that might harm your beeg poto relationship with your family, I know how much it means to you. www beeg com Alex, I love you, beeg. com but for the last time I'm going to tell you to have some faith in me!" "I do, Ryan! beegxxx God, I really do!" He hugged me tightly. "I'm such a moron. Why didn't I beegs just tell them?" "It's not easy, the time will come." "I know, but it xxxbeeg means we have to be careful while beeg.com you're here and I didn't www.beeg want that to be the case. beeg xvideos I free beeg don't want to sneak, or lie, I want to celebrate!" "We don't always get what we want, and if I have to just be your friend for a few days, well it's a small price to pay to be beeg porche around you again." "You mean that?" He locked those amazing eyes of his on mine, searching for the truth of my words. "Yup." I kissed him beeg hairy gently on the lips. "I'd do anything to be beeg. com with beeg hindi you." And again. "Though maybe it'd be more convincing if I pretend to be your shrink?" "Yeah, funny." He punched my shoulder lightly. "Do me one favor, try not to tell too many jokes like that? I want them to like you, not cringe every time you speak." "Hey!" "Well you can be a bit dorky." He answered with a shrug, I thrust out www.beeg com my lower lip, trying to look crestfallen and the corner of his mouth twitched showing me beeg indian that the serious face he was putting on was a front. "I'm going off you, Hayes." I huffed, folding my arms and facing front. "Start the damn car already." He turned the key in the ignition but we conspicuously failed to move. A strong hand grasped my upper arm. "Ry? I www.beeg com will tell them, I won't live a lie." His earnest gaze transfixed me and I could only nod my understanding. "You're part of me now, and whatever happens that's not going to change." "I know." "I hope it won't come to a choice, but, Ry, if it does, I choose you." "You don't know what that means to me, Alex. But I hope you know I feel the beeg sexxx same about you." "I do, buddy. No hesitation, you all the way." He grinned broadly at me. "No beeg jepang asking the audience, no phoning a friend, no..." I kissed him; it seemed the best site beeg.com beeg way to get him to shut up with the stupid metaphor. And it worked; with another broad, goofy grin he finally started the car out of the airport lot. He didn't talk much as we drove, I was too beeg busy rubber-necking at the unfamiliar scenery, but when I asked what www beeg a distant building was or what kind of trees we were passing Alex replied easily and confidently with the kind beeg free of full answer that I knew he was capable of. I had always known, since the day I met him that inside that head of his was a sharp mind, as long as he was interested in the subject. It was getting him interested that was the problem, but it was clear that the place where he grew up beeg mp4 free porn beeg was somewhere he knew inside out and beeg videos loved deeply. Hearing him talk with such enthusiasm filled me with even more warmth for him. "Almost there." Alex eventually said as we slowed and turned up an unpaved road bounded by white fences and venerable old trees. www beeg.com "Ready?" "As I'll ever be." I smiled at him, in what I free porn beeg hoped was a reassuring fashion. "Is my breath ok?" "Minty fresh!" He laughed and punched my shoulder. "Don't worry, they'll love you, I've given beeg moms you a good build up." "Great." I said. "So no pressure then?" But wwwbeeg a tiny treacherous part of beeg beeg me was thinking that good as it may have been it was woefully incomplete. Something in my tone must have given me away though because Alex shot me a look out of the corner of beeg xvideos his eye. "You think they'd like you more if I said how good you are in bed?" "Alex!" "Sorry. I'm just nervous." We turned a corner at that point and emerged from the trees. The road we were on widened out into a large open area in front of a substantial old white b eeg clapboard building, bounded by a wide porch. Alex's childhood home, and so unlike the suburban box in which I beeg sex video had grown up. "Alex, it's lovely." I said with real feeling. "Yeah, beeg gesetz beegporn isn't it?" The old glint was back in his eye. "Course this is the just the main house, the working buildings are further down beeg free the hill, where you beeg . can't see beeg jepang them from the porch." "Good planning." "Well, heck, Ryan, us hicks ain't all that dumb." "Yeah, ha ha. Very beeg lesbian funny. Can we drop the stupid accent now, Alex?" "I don't know what y'all mean, this is how I al'us talk." He hammed it up beeg .com severely. "OK. Take me home! It's all off." I said even as I was unfastening my seatbelt, which earned me a pouty, hurt look that I had to laugh at. As we were both procrastinating there in the car a door banged beeg xxx open and a woman appeared on the porch. I knew beeg mature at once that it beeg.con was Alex's mother, the resemblance was obvious, even though she was nothing like I had been expecting. I guess I'd thought she'd be a plump, jolly woman with floury hands and an apron and her beeg . hair in a bun. She was beeg sexxn nothing of bee the sort, she was dressed in jeans - a garment my own mother hadn't worn since the sixties - and was of slim build and looked younger than the almost sixty I knew her to be. I quickly opened my beeg xxx door and got out of the car as she advanced down the steps and over beeg porn to us. "Ryan!" She exclaimed, thrusting out her hand, беег her accent unplaceable, but nothing like the hick drawl Alex had just been imitating. "Mrs. Hayes." I replied, taking her hand in mine. "Thanks for inviting me." "Mrs. Hayes? Oh, Ryan, after all we've heard about indian beeg you I practically feel like you're one of the family, call me Helen." "OK, I'll do beeg-com that." I gave her beeg mp4 what I hoped was a winning smile. "I hope you brought other shoes." She said, apropos of beeg hot nothing, pointing at my loafers. "If I know my beeg hairy son he'll have you hiking over half the state." "I..." I was cut off before I could begin to beeg porno tell her that I had indeed prepared for such an eventuality. "Now, come along inside, you must be parched." So saying she took my arm and started for the beeg come house, I had no choice but to go with her. "Alex, bring Ryan's bags in then come join us in the kitchen." "OK, mom." Alex replied heading for the boot of the car and raising his eyebrows conspiratorially at me as I was whisked beeg. through the door. I was taken to a huge warm kitchen where a black woman beeg sex was busily slicing vegetables and a child of perhaps four was scribbling away with crayons at a table. "Throw your coat on a chair, Ryan and have a coffee." Helen indicated a pot. "This is Martha, she's been with us forever and the grubby one over there is my grandson Rueben." The boy in the corner ignored us completely, but the other woman favored me with a bright smile. "Hello, Ryan, welcome to the madhouse." Martha beeg .com said returning to beeg..com her vegetables as I hesitantly hung my coat on the wwwbeeg back of a chair. "Um, hi, thanks." "We don't stand on beeg milf ceremony here, Ryan, I had far too much of that growing up." www beeg Helen informed me. "We're just one big family, no special treatment beeg sex for anyone." "Um..." I began. "You'll find that Martha's the only steady thing around here. Everyone else comes and goes at all hours, so you'll meet people bit beeg hindi by bit and some you may not meet at all. Just the way bee things work out." She threw herself into a chair opposite me www beeg com and gave me a smile. "You'll get used to it." "Um, OK." "You don't talk much, do you?" "Hush, woman, you're not giving him milf beeg a beeg tube chance." Martha interjected without so much as glancing up. "Martha, you're as bad as Bill." "Bill is your husband? Mr Hayes?" I ventured, based on Alex's middle name. "Bill is my husband, yes, site beeg.com beeg Alex's father. Mr Hayes he is not, that's his father." "Oh, right." "There are four beeg black generations of the family in and around the house, and a whole beeg come lot more cousins xxxbeeg and beeg-com such beeg porche in the neighborhood. I can't keep track of them all, so I don't expect beeg.coom you to." beeg hd Helen rolled her eyes at me, I was about to respond but she kept wwwbeeg talking. "I expect many of beeg free them to beeg hot be around for dinner, but you never really know. How's your coffee?" "Um, lovely, thank you, Mrs Hayes." I was being thrown by these sudden shifts in direction, a lot of Alex's peculiarities were starting to make sense. "Helen, and beeg sexxx you and I are going to get on much better if you don't start every sentence with 'um', Ryan." "Mom, don't torture him." Alex's voice sounded from behind me, and I felt a wash of relief, his calm voice was a lifebelt in the sea of his mother's talking. beeeg "She's like this with everyone." He explained, pouring himself coffee and joining us. "I have been rather dominating the conversation." His mother admitted with not so much as a trace of regret in her voice. "You always do." Martha interjected, good-naturedly. "I've been explaining how chaotic things are in this house." Helen continued speaking to Alex as though Martha had never said a word, but the way her lip beeg mature curled in amusement gave her away. beeg porn "Ryan's a neat freak." Alex supplied. "I am not!" I felt I had to defend myself. "Then God alone knows how you've coped living with a slob beeg ass like Alex." His mother snorted, and I was tempted to offer an answer. "I gave up trying years ago." "It hasn't been so bad." I replied with absolute honesty. "He was obviously brought up well." "Ha! Do you really think so?" beeg videos She laughed. "Well, whether you do or not, I'll take the compliment." "I meant it as..." I began. "Where did you put Ryan's bags, Alex?" His mother turned her attention away from me for a moment. Alex had got up from the table as we talked and I had seen him foraging for food. I'd also seen him swiping a carrot from Martha while she was looking the other way and jump beeg vids back grinning beeg com. as she swung at him when she noticed. "Hall." He said between bites of the illicit vegetable. "Well they're no use there, are they, dear? beeg teen Take them up to your room." "Where's the linen for the camp bed?" He asked shooting me an apologetic look. "Don't be ridiculous, Alex." "Huh?" "Your mother isn't entirely stupid." She smiled fondly at her beeg videos son. "I had five brothers, I've had four children of my own, and I have cable." "Oh." Alex managed, less than intelligently. "But more importantly I have eyes and ears and I know my own son." "How long have you known?" He finally managed after goggling at beeg.con his mother for a beeg porno moment. "For sure? Since Thanksgiving, but I'd worked out something was going on months before that." Was the matter-of-fact response. "If not years before." "Years?" He asked, incredulous. "Alexander, a www.beeg..com mother knows." She turned to me. "But even if I hadn't, the way you talk about beeg xnxx beeg porn Ryan, and the way the two of you have been shooting each other looks for the last half hour would beegs have been beeg milf a dead give beeg gesetz away." I was suddenly reminded of the waitress on the way home indian beeg from our cabin trip. Maybe it was that obvious, certainly the evidence was stacking up. "Hell, boy, even I can see how in love you are." Martha beeg/ offered as she scraped carrot beeg video peelings into the trash. We looked at each other, and I imagine the surprise on my face was about as evident as that on Alex's. "And you don't mind?" Alex asked. "Have you stopped being my son?" Helen beeg.com/ replied with a question of her own. "No." "Then why should I?" "Well, you know, not everyone's comfortable..." Alex trailed off, and I remained silent. If this was something he had to ask, then it was porn beeg for beegxxx him to do. "Alex, how many boyfriends and girlfriends have I been introduced to over the years?" "I don't know. Dozens?" "At least. And of all those people, I can think of beeg 4k three that I've heard described in the kind of glowing terms you've used for Ryan, and they ended up married to your brother and sisters. If one of my children loves someone the way they do, and the way you obviously love Ryan, then that person is part of my family, and that's an end to it." "Does this mean I have to remember another uncle?" A sex beeg petulant voice broke in before Alex could answer. Reuben, who I for one had forgotten was coloring in the corner. Well, what could we all beeg poto do beeg com but laugh? THE END Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 15:37:19 -0700 From: Jan ' Subject: beeg.com/ Educationg Kelly 6 (lesbian / incest, F/ggg) Warning: This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between a woman and her niece and the nieces friend. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. Author's Note: This story is the property of the author. .beeg It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your own site, please contact www.beeg the author for permission. Copyright 2005 Jan, All Rights Reserved. Please mail to janmay699icqmail if you have suggestions for future stories. Educating xnxx beeg Kelly 6 Seducing Sue's Girfriend By beeg tubes Jan The telephone was ringing persistently when Kelly got home and she dropped her car keys on the breakfast cart as she reached for the receiver on the wall. beeg x It was her sister. Her younger daughter Kim had chicken pox and she didn't want her other beeg beeg daughter, Sue, exposed to them. She begged Kelly to come over and pick up www beeg.com Sue until the doctor gave Kim a clean bill of health. Kelly was happy to take Sue and agreed to come over and get her. She put the milk back in the fridge and retrieved her car keys as she went out the door. beeg massage beeg.c xxxbeeg It was a quick drive to where beeg coom her sister and the kids lived. As soon as she got there her sister had Sue packed up and ready to go with home with her. Kelly had Sue remain in the car just in case while she did a little shopping on the way home. 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